SHADELIFE LIVE | 002 | “Getting Started”

SHADELIFE LIVE | 002 | "Getting Started" 

 When I wake up in the morning... Everything in me just wants to lay in my comfortable bed next to my wife and our puppy MoMó. The warm blankets, the fluffy pillows just hugs me and keeps me still and the only thing that I can move is my eye lids - the light from the window leaks in the room and reminds me that the day must begin. Eventually I get up out of urgency or fear of being late to a morning meeting or commitment, and once I'm up - I am up! Getting ready, getting energized and preparing for the days adventure. Once I'm up ... I'm up. Because the problem isn't being up, it's getting up. The hardest part isn't actually doing it, the hardest part is getting started. When it comes to work, creativity, creating, completing tasks, and etc -- we all have goals and dreams, and the act of following or perusing them isn't always the issues, it's simply beginning, that is usually the hardest process. Whether it's a real conversation with a loved one, going to the gym, writing that book you always wanted to write, experiencing something new - one of the most difficult processes is getting started. So let's talk about it. Listen in and engage in the conversation; the SHADELIFE LIVE podcast Let's Dive into Episode #002


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