SHADELIFE LIVE | 004 | “Decluttering Your Clutter” w/ Burcin Gursel

For the first guest on the SHADELIFE LIVE podcast, I invited my Wife Burcin Gursel Byrne. She is a Professional Organizer - and helps people declutter their personal clutter. However cleaning up our clutter begins internally before their are results externally; because sometimes to understand things mentally, emotionally or even spiritually - we have to understand things physically. Seeing a physical / literal mess in our lives could be a representation of what is happening underneath the surface. How much baggage and boxes do we carry through life? Physically, mentally and spiritually? Listen to a deep and insightful convesation with my wife, as she helps you declutter your clutter. 

FB & IG | @BurcinGursel

SHADELIFE by BrendanEldom //  @BrendanEldom 

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