SHADELIFE LIVE | 010 | “Functional Power” w/ Pablo Lucero

SHADELIFE LIVE | 010 | "Functional Power" w/ Pablo Lucero

What happens when an aspiring pastor & a seasond yoga instructor sit down and have a conversation???

One of my favorite things is conversation... but not just a regular conversation; but inter-faith conversations, inter-practice conversations, and inter-lifestyle conversations. I think it's so important to begin conversations about hard topics, as well as with people that maybe we disagree with, or maybe even with people who live compeletly different lifstyles. To me conversation is the first step to peace and understanding.  This week's guest is Pablo Lucero, a community leader, yoga instructor & great friend. So much of our life is obtaining more, getting more... everything is bigger, faster, stronger... however how much of the weight we lift daily produces actual functionality in our lives? How much information do we obtain and yet it relates to very little to actual life? This week we dive into a conversation about practicing functional movement and how it parallels with how we approach life in various dimensions. We'll tackle the concept of embracing our dysfunctionality, creative freedom in lifestyle choices, and a wide range of ideas on the topic of functional power with our good friend Pablo Lucero. 

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